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'Geo-Bunny' from da future

'Geo-Bunny' from da future

Hunter S Thompson Tribute

Hunter S Thompson Tribute

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'Extinct' Pinocchio Lizard found in Forest!

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The Pinocchio lizard was thought to be extinct for 50 years, but has been rediscovered in the cloud forests of Ecuador.

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Smooth Vamire

Artist: Tijana Titin

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Smooth Vamire

Artist: Tijana Titin

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Talk To Me Ft. Debbie Devorah & Biscuit [Flute]
Seldom Seen, Often Heard

Ghost - Talk To Me - Feat. Debbie Devorah and Biscuit

A trip back in time for me today to when UK hip-hop was reaching new heights. Ghost was amongst the plethora of great musical producers coming through the scene at the time.

This track features the beautiful vocals of Debbie Devorah that work so perfectly with the production. It comes from Ghost’s 2006 album Seldom Seen Often Heard, which is a wonderful album featuring vocal rapping talent from many artists, including the political and poetic Lowkey and the unmistakable flow of Abstract Rude.

A representation of the talent that resides within the UK hip-hop scene, Talk To Me makes me man parts moist…


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CSIRO astronomers reveal a ‘blue whale of space’

A composite image showing the size of the radio glow from the galaxy Centaurus A in comparison to the full Moon. The white dots in the sky represent not stars but background radio sources — galaxies like Centaurus A in the distant universe. The foreground antennas are of CSIRO’s Australia Telescope Compact Array, which gathered the data for the Centaurus A image.

Particles emitting radio waves stream millions of light-years into space from the heart of the galaxy Centaurus A in this picture made by CSIRO. Data for the image was gathered with CSIRO’s Australia Telescope Compact Array and Parkes radio telescope: the frequency of the radio waves was 1.4 GHz. The smallest structure visible in the image is 680 parsecs (210 light-years) across : the scale bar represents 50,000 parsecs (about 163,000 light-years).

Credit: Ilana Feain, Tim Cornwell & Ron Ekers (CSIRO/ATNF). ATCA northern middle lobe pointing courtesy R. Morganti (ASTRON), Parkes data courtesy N. Junkes (MPIfR). Photo of the ATCA and Moon: Shaun Amy, CSIRO.

Super snob Katie Hopkins judges children by their names

If you regularly watch This Morning or are a social media addict like me then you’ve probably seen this video doing the rounds over the last 24 hours. However, if you haven’t watched it yet and you consider yourself to be a normal functioning human being with a soul then please prepare to be absolutely stunned. This is probably the strangest case of ‘class divide’ you’ll ever see.

Katie Hopkins, the well hated pompous cow from the 2007 series of The Apprentice, has aired on national television that she judges children by their first names. Yes, that’s right; this absolute disgrace of a human being actually casts judgement on innocent children based on a completely abstract characteristic that these poor kids had no choice over themselves.

Now, I know 2012 and the apparent end of days is overdue so maybe Katie Hopkins is actually Satan himself, up from the fiery depths of hell to wreak havoc on the poorly named child. More likely, however, is that she is a completely deluded snob who smugly enjoys the smell of her own farts (yes, I saw that South Park episode), probably thinking they smell of roses and strawberries or some shit. Whatever planet or rich bitch bubble this deranged human being was bought up on is a cold, dark, and terrifying place and you should never ever go there.

This isn’t even the first time Katie has caused an outrage either. Earlier this year she decided to stick her ridiculous upper class knife into the fatter residents of Earth, saying that she wouldn’t “employ an overweight person” and that “big isn’t beautiful.” I wonder if she’s ever looked in the mirror at her own disgusting face. It actually reminds me of a cross between Eeyore and one of those Easter Island heads; it’s not a pretty sight that’s for sure.

Anyway, back to the matter. She judges kids by their fucking name! If your name is Tyler, you better hang your head in shame son, because according to Katie, you are nothing but street litter. She’d probably label you as a disgusting window cleaner or something; you poor, dirty, uneducated, terrible criminal bastard. Seriously though, whatever your name is, if you have a shred of humanity then there’s one thing you’re probably going to hate after seeing this video. That “thing” is Katie Hopkins.

Luckily, the hosts of This Morning take the side any regular person would take; the side that Katie’s not sitting on. The stunner that is Holly Willoughby can’t help but seize her chance to criticise a woman that loves to judge children – on their names – I still can’t believe it as I’m writing this. Philip Schofield and the other “human” guest on the show Anime also decide to probe the strange, awful thing that is the mind of Katie Hopkins.

In my 27 years on this planet I have never in my life heard something so absurd. I hope Katie has a good therapist because I sense this woman has firmly lost grasp on any sort of ordinary reality. The worst thing is, 9% of the public actually agree with her. If you’re one of them and you’re reading this, then please do the world a favour and jump off of the nearest bridge.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Apparently Katie “doesn’t judge people on their surnames,” which means I can finally sleep at night. After all, my surname is “Withers” (unfortunate I know), But guess what Katie; don’t judge me; because I didn’t give myself that name you stupid stuck-up whore.

Her Twitter: @KTHopkins – go give your 2 cents, please!

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